The Company

CZ Veterinaria is a worldwide leader in the production of veterinary vaccines and one of the foremost biotechnology companies in the European Union. Together with its subsidiary Biofabri (focusing on human health), CZV is part of a 100% Spanish-based business group that specialises in Biotechnology products.

CZV is dedicated exclusively to the development and manufacture of veterinary medicines and vaccines. CZV has its own products that are distributed through third parties. In addition, it contract manufactures a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical and biological products for large multinational companies and governments across 60 countries.

State-of-the-art technology, modern production systems and high-performance manufacturing plants are the foundation that allows CZV to offer an array of cutting edge products.

The facilities are located in Porriño, in the Spanish province of Pontevedra. CZV is staffed by a team of over 140 employees, mostly highly qualified professionals with solid technical knowledge.

> Our Mission

Our core values are based on a commitment to innovation and manufacturing excellence. This commitment, along with the expertise and vision of our team of specialists, our most important asset, have enabled CZV to gain worldwide recognition in the biotechnology industry.

We firmly believe that biotechnology is a key tool for disease prevention and has the potential to contribute to the reduction of economic and social costs, thereby ensuring the sustainability of the present and future health care system and food production industry.

We add value to society by researching and developing cutting-edge medicines that safely and effectively prevent and treat diseases.

We enhance and support local business networks through the generation of high-value knowledge.

We are committed to providing animal health solutions on an international scale.

Because of this, CZV is today a reference point for the red biotechnology industry in terms of technological and industrial innovation.

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